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About us

Be Global is an European Platform for Digitization, Future of Work and Migration.

This European platform arises in changing and interconnected times, to become a space for research and training on on attracting international talent, employment and investments.

Our objectives:

  • Make proposals to the European Union on digitization, the future of work, attracting talent, employment and investments, in the digital age
  • Share studies, practices and policies about new ways of working
  • Identify job opportunities remotely
  • Train people in transversal and digital skills to work remotely
  • Organize outreach events on digitization, future of work and migrations
  • Promote public policies that favor teleworking, conciliation and diversity
  • Promote global and intercultural talent
  • Create a network with professionals involved in these issues to share knowledge, experiences and promote collective learning

This initiative goes hand in hand with a team of professionals specialized in human resources and international business. Co-led by the intercultural entrepreneur Alejandra Ramirez Cuenca


Paseo de la Castellana 90, 28046 Madrid, España.


+ 34 659964855