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European Projects and Financing Funds

Are you a digital talent? or do you want to become a digital nomad?

We work with you:

  • Identify international work projects
  • Mentoring in digital mindset
  • Select the country to telecommute
  • Intercultural training to adapt to your client and / or the country where you will work remotely
  • Training in productivity, motivation and stress management tools
  • Analyze the best strategies so that you can conciliate your personal, professional and family life
  • Professional transition process to become a digital nomad
  • Design your action plan to be a digital nomad, if you are not already one

Express guidance to work remotely:

  • Action plan to work remotely
  • Analyze your strengths and skills for remote work
  • Preparation of your curriculum summary to work remotely and cover letter
  • Identification of job opportunities remotely
  • Preparation of the remote interview

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