Comunicación Corporativa
European Public Affairs and Regulatory Analysis

We advise on European policies to organizations in the sectors of technology and telecommunication, so that they know first-hand the regulation that affects the sector and how we can help them generate opportunities or prevent the legislative risks of Brussels in their field.

Likewise, we carry out activities aimed at influencing decision-making that affects the sectors of digitalization, future of work and migration, through the construction of dialogues, the generation of strategic relationships with legislators and interest groups, as well as the preparation of pertinent reports that enhance business activity in your sector.

Main actions:

  • Analysis of public and sectoral policies
  • Institutional Relations Management
  • Legislative monitoring
  • Development of influence maps
  • Creation of strategic alliances

Contact us

Paseo de la Castellana 90 , 28046 Madrid, España.

+ 34 659964855